If you are thinking about which material you should use for your countertop, you should never forget to consider laminate. If you want to know the reason why keep on reading this article: 

They are anti-bacterial 

Some brands that offer plastic laminate countertops Red Deer that has anti-microbial protection. Though this does not imply that you can leave your raw meat on your countertop, it can aid kill a few invisible germs that cause us to get sick. Commercial kitchens and hospital homes have been depending on technology similar to this for several decades to help lessen cross-contamination and the spread of germs. 

Laminates are almost impossible to stain 

After testing laminates how well they can handle stains, they did pass with flying colors. Not to mention, they’ve received the highest possible “Excellent” rating compared to costly kitchen countertop surface quarts, which was tiered lesser with a “very good”.  

Laminate counters are extremely resistant to heat 

You may be shocked to know that modern plastic laminate countertops can actually endure high temperatures that it was provided the rating of “Excellent” after they were tested by the Consumer Reports. They have received a similar rating of a granite counterpart. However, it’s recommended to utilize a trivet since discoloration due to heat can quickly take place and one of the laminate’s disadvantages is that burns cannot be fixed.  

Plastic laminate will not affect your resale price 

Many property owners consider how the countertops will Impact their home’s resale value. But, this is quite a weak consideration. Selecting a specific pattern is extremely preferential. Even though you purchase a costly type of granite and bust the budget, the prospective buyer of your home may not like it, which negates any resale value that you’re concerned about while choosing your countertop. 

If you’re planning to sell your home sooner or later, the greatest thing to do is to purchase a timeless design and pattern that you love, which is guaranteed that it will not offend possible buyers. Choosing laminate will not add property value. However, an attractive pattern will not negatively impact it either. As long as your kitchen is updated and in great condition, you don’t have to worry about scaring off your prospective buyers.  

Laminate countertops cost half the granite’s price 

If you have already obtained a quote for a granite countertop, perhaps you were shocked as you found out about its total cost. Even if you choose an inexpensive stone and you have a small kitchen, your quote will usually reach at least $2,000. That can be too much for people who want to save as much as possible. Thankfully, you can reduce that price in half by opting to have a plastic laminate instead.  

They can perfectly mimic natural stone 

Laminate can look like several types of materials and comes with a lot of color options. Hence, you can have laminate as a material that can perfectly mimic natural stones such as quartz, marble, and even wood grains.